An interview with the name brand in paraffin therapy

September 26, 2019

Special thanks to Elisabeth Clark, Sales and Marketing Director at Therabath, who spent time with us discussing this innovative brand.

Therabath was founded in 1962; what is Therabath's origin story?

Therabath's parent company WR Medical Electronics Co. was founded by 2 engineers (last names Whitson and Roth making up the “WR”) who purchased a company called Theratron in 1962. Theratron manufactured many physical medicine products including what was later named the Therabath. They also made the paraffin wax, at that time, called Theraffin.

Today WR Medical Electronics Co. consists of our Neurology Division (main focus on Autonomic Function Testing Equipment and Software) and the Therabath Division, both housed in our same facility. WR Medical has always believed that a large part of our success has come from manufacturing our own products, right here in our Maplewood, MN, USA plant. We pair this with incredible customer service and people who really care about the improvement in quality life aided by the use of our medical devices.

What makes Therabath different from other heat therapy products?

The Therabath is the only USA made paraffin bath that can also be sold in Canada and Europe, as it meets all of the stringent quality and safety requirements required! By manufacturing the Therabath units in our FDA Approved manufacturing facility in Maplewood, MN, we have the dynamic opportunity to make any necessary manufacturing changes very quickly. This also allows us to meet our customer’s shipping demands more easily since we are not confined to waiting for product to arrive on containers from overseas.

The Therabath is manufactured as a Class II Medical device. Because of this, Therabath can make the medical claim that the device may relieve arthritis joint pain. This also ensures the user that the device has undergone intense safety and quality testing measures and allows the device to safely be used in home, hospital and clinical settings. The Therabath also has a 5-year warranty indicating to the buyer that the bath is an investment in their practice, or in their own health.

What’s special about paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax has a very high heat-capacity meaning it will retain heat for a very long time. The molecules of wax are also too large to be absorbed into the skin. When a user immerses the treatment area into the wax (approx. temperature of the wax is 130 degrees F) the body instantaneously rushes blood to the area to cool it forming an instant “shell” on the skin protecting the skin from the heat. This instant barrier on the skin is what we refer to as the “glove” of wax. Adding additional layers of wax is similar to adding more insulation – the additional layers of wax do not increase the overall temperature, however the length of time the heat is retained is extended. This instant shell or glove is also the reason why the wax can allow for multiple users to dip in the same bath of melted wax – anything that was on the skin prior to dipping is instantly trapped under the initial “glove” of wax. The only wax the user is touching is the inside of that initial layer. We still recommend following best practices – cleanse the treatment area prior to dipping, do not immerse open wounds, and do not reuse wax that has been removed after the treatment.

Who would benefit from using Therabath products?

Though the Therabath was originally designed for arthritis joint pain management, there are many are reasons why a user may find paraffin wax treatments helpful. We generally like to say, that, any time a person might use a moist heat therapy, they can also use paraffin therapy. There are many activities or jobs that can cause similar pain, inflammation and stiffness in the joints such as found when a person is suffering from arthritis joint pain – these would all be situations where paraffin therapy may help! Users should check with their health care professional and refer to the contraindications of paraffin therapy (including, but not limited to diabetic neuropathy, open wounds or circulatory disorders) before use to ensure their safety.

What is one thing you’d love people to know about Therabath and heat therapy products?

As a single-line brand, we work as a team to maintain our unsurpassed level of expertise in the paraffin therapy market. We focus our marketing efforts on educating end-users and professionals on paraffin therapy benefits and proper treatment techniques.

The secret to our longevity? A true passion for improving lives and getting arthritis pain sufferers back to enjoying the things they most enjoy in life! Each patient, client or home-user will experience the benefit of paraffin therapy with every use, along with a renewed energy to enjoy life, hands-on!

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