BetterRest High Density Memory Foam Leg Elevation Wedge

BETTERREST DELUXE LEG WEDGE- Brought to you by the maker of leading professional grade medical products that has been servicing Back and Neck specialists for over 17 years! The BetterRest Deluxe Memory Foam Leg Wedge elevates the legs, allowing the user to enjoy comfort from lower back strain while reclining in bed. By keeping the legs elevated, the leg wedge also contributes to better circulation. Using this leg wedge cushion in conjunction with the BetterRest Deluxe Bed Wedge (sold separately) allows user to achieve a zero-gravity position, minimizing pressure at all contact points. The wedge’s soft velour cover can be removed and laundered. A variety of sizes is available to accommodate a variety of leg lengths.

  • THERAPEUTIC. Ergonomically shaped polyurethane foam core elevates legs while the user is sitting or reclining in bed, removing pressure from the lower back and helping to improve circulation. Our high density grade foam will last you for years to come
  • PREMIUM COMFORT. This premium leg support wedge utilizes BifomPad technology: a layer of memory foam over firm-support base foam. The memory foam layer creates a custom contour with the user’s body, for maximum comfort
  • SIZE-MATCHED. This leg wedge pillow is available in four different sizes that can be selected to match the length of the user’s legs. Leg wedge helps users suffering from back pain, leg pain, varicose veins, phlebitis and restless leg syndrome
  • WASHABLE. The cover is made with soft velour fabric that feels great against the skin and can be removed for laundering
  • EXPANDABLE. Using this Deluxe Leg Wedge in conjunction with the BetterRest Memory Bed Wedge (sold separately) allows the user to achieve a zero-gravity position, minimizing pressure at all contact points