Body Sport® Neck Pillow - Standard Firmness

Firmness :

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Standard Firmness

The Secret To Natural Neck & Spine Alignment!

Cervical Support Pillow Works As You Sleep Comfortably All Night Long

Cervical traction is a slight stretching of the neck. The neck, or cervical spine, has seven vertebrae. Any of these can be injured from whiplash in a minor car accident, or even from sitting for extended periods of time at work or while driving. Some people may refer to this as a cervical spondylosis pillow and other comparable pillows like the tri-core cervical pillow. 

Key Features:

  • Cervical Spine Pillow Is Breathable & Gentle To The Touch
  • Experience Perfect Firmness From The Industry's #1 Polyester Fiber "Fortrel"
  • 100% White Cotton Cover Is Good For Allergies
  • Square Shaped Center Supports Greater Personalized Comfort
  • Fits All Standard-Sized Pillowcase To Match Any Bedding

Hear What Other People Are Saying:

"What I like most about this pillow it is its firmness. It's about as firm as you can get without it being hard."
"It feels like when I am at the chiropractor and they are gently tractioning and pulling up on the neck, which feels great"
"The morning after the first night I used this was the first morning I woke up without a headache."

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  • FIND COMFORT & As Our Cervical Traction Neck Pillow Aligns The Spine In It's Natural Position
  • SLEEP COMFORTABLY On Your Side Or Back w/ Therapeutic Cervical Neck Pillow
  • WAKE UP RESTORED From Complete Night's Sleep On The Perfect Cervical Pillow Firmness
  • NATURAL ORTHOPEDIC DESIGN Cradles Your Head & Neck
  • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE! If You Aren't Satisfied Return Your Cervical Spondylosis Pillow For A Complete Refund