Body Sport® Leg Positioning Support, Knee Pillow

The Body Sport Leg Positioning Support is a knee pillow designed to stabilize your legs during sleep. The cushion’s hourglass shape fits between your legs providing a contoured, comfortable fit. This Body Sport leg support straps to your legs so it moves with you as you turn or roll over during the night. With this sleep aid, there is no reason to lose sleep due to leg discomfort or misalignment ever again.

  • Prevent leg, back, and knee discomfort in with proper alignment and support during sleep using this leg pillow from Body Sport.
  • Hourglass shape fits between the legs for greater comfort during sleep.
  • This leg support measures 10" x 8" x 6" and comes in blue.
  • A strap included with this knee pillow allows you to attach the sleep aid to your legs while you sleep so the cushion moves with you.
  • Improve sleep with this sleep aid to support legs preventing discomfort and improving alignment.