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Trainer Better with BodySport®!

Originally developed to help skiing and surfing enthusiasts improve their skills at home, the balance or Wobble Board has become a popular piece of equipment used for athletic training, brain development, physiotherapy, and even musical therapy. Wobble Boards provide full rotation around a vertical axis, so muscles not typically used while standing on boards are utilized.


  • Spherical base allows for 360° of movement.
  • 20° angle of deflection.
  • 16" diameter.
  • Durable, non-skid plastic board.
  • 300-lb. weight limit.

For Beginner to Advanced Users

The versatility of this balance board makes it suitable for every fitness level—beginner to advanced athlete.

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Balance Training

As you strengthen your ankles and calves, the BodySport Wobble Board helps you increase your balance by providing dynamic balance training.

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Flexibility & Coordination

This swivel exercise board’s design helps improve coordination, flexibility, and balance while targeting core muscles.

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in Recovery

Use this fitness board during your rehab to strengthen and tone at your own pace while you recover.

Durable & Non-Skid

The BodySport Wobble Board is designed with a durable, non-skid plastic board on top of a spherical base, allowing for a complete range of motion.

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Targets Muscles with 360° of Movement

Challenge your core muscles all the way down to your ankles with this durable, non-skid wobble board. Designed to target muscles, this wobble board offers 360° of movement to tone and tighten.

Upgrade Your Resistance Training

The BodySport Wobble Board are designed to hold up to frequent and intense use in fitness facilities or home gyms. The Light and Medium resistance level tubes are 48" in length and the Heavy and X-Heavy resistance level tubes are 52" in length.

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The BodySport brand was built on the belief that quality rehab tools and equipment should be affordable. For well over a decade, BodySport has been true to its mission: Supplying value-priced rehab exercise equipment and products with quality that meets or exceeds the design and performance of brand names.