HearRight Waterproof Ear Plugs

  • WATERPROOF GELFOAM. These swimmers ear plugs feature waterproof and washable ultra soft GelFoam that keeps water out of the ear canal, helping to prevent swimmer’s ear.
  • WASHABLE. These soft foam ear plugs’ can be washed 100+ times.
  • WON’T STICK TO HAIR. HearRight Swim Soft Ear Plugs won’t get stuck in the hair the way silicone and putty ear plugs can.
  • EASY FIT DESIGN. Patented easy-fit push-button design eliminates rolling, re-fitting and contamination of ear plugs.
  • EFFECTIVE SOUND BLOCKING. These swimming ear plugs’ SoundX sound dampening core material reduces vibration 30% more than traditional plastics, making them effective ear plugs for sleeping as well.
  • 3-Pack