Thermotex Equine Far Infrared Heating - Leggings

Leaders in the manufacturing of infrared therapy systems For more than 20 years the Canadian, family-run business has provided temporary aid that is backed by rigorous research, due diligence and a commitment to customers. Thermotex understands that building trust is paramount to customers, and has accomplished this by attaining medical device registration with the FDA and Health Canada, while meeting integral manufacturing standards and ISO certifications for all trademarked products

  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY For over 23 years Thermotex has nurtured and supported Equines through management and healing with science backed technology. Clinical trials and rigorous testing have proven the efficacy and long-term benefits of this infrared therapy for various types of discomfort that is often left unchanged by traditional management strategies
  • TRUSTED PRODUCT In Equine studies, the unique subcutaneous infrared heat mechanism has shown to raise temperatures at depths of 2.36” beneath the surface of the skin after just 20 minutes of use. Thermotex has been successfully used by trainers, veterinarians and therapists alike
  • COMFORT Thermotex deep tissue infrared heat therapy delivers prolonged heat. This effectively increases blood flow into the targeted area to deliver nutrients and oxygen and keeps tissues healthy while eliminating waste and reducing inflammation. The equine physiological effects such as vasodilatation and increased blood flow, analgesia, increased metabolic activity within the cells, increased tissue extensibility and decrease in joint stiffness are helped
  • WARRANTY AND CARE All products come with a one year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor
  • EQUINE LEGGINGS A hinged infrared heating device used on forelimbs or hind limbs. Each Legging come in pairs with 4 infrared heat inserts to treat front or hind limbs. The physiological effects are the result of the infrared heat such as vasodilation, increased blood flow, analgesia, increased metabolic activity, increased tissue extensibility, decrease in joint stiffness and used prior to massage or adjustments. Used prior to exercising, the tendons and ligaments are more extensible